Seeing the elephant ('s foot)

So I was walking along and I saw an elephant's foot. It made me laugh.

It seems that being a photographer is both a curse and a blessing. Sometimes you see and think about things you don't want to see or think about.

Let's say you're at a party and your significant partner is really having a good time. They sidle up along side and say something like, "nice party, huh?" And you respond, "great, but the lighting in this corner really sucks. You'd think they could put in a little track lighting to accent this area."

You realize your error but it's too late, still thinking "nice low ceiling, a bounce flash would cover most of it and maybe just a little unit tucked low in the back for a little rim light."

So if you think photographers have shifty eyes, they do. They are watching the light, or for a composition to come together, or a visual pun (see Elliott Erwitt, one of my favorites).

We can't help ourselves, as lame as the puns may be.