Contests and Grants and Fellowships, Oh, My!

Over the years I have watched many of them judged and I have to say, it's hit or miss at best. So much seems to be determined by the judges' moods or maybe what they had for breakfast or lunch. It's a crapshoot.

With that said, it's still nice to get an award. I have a folder full of certificates for first, second, and third places and honorable mentions for my photography and editing when I was in the newspaper business. I have a plaque for hosting a conference. I have two trophies that I cherish: One for being the offensive coordinator of my son's 7th grade football team in Alabama, and another for being an assistant coach for my daughter's 7th grade recreational softball team. The football team won one game. The girls won the championship. It doesn't matter.

And I have three, yes, three trophies for winning the fantasy football league that I have been the Commissioner of for 22 years. "In Your Face," I say to other BFL owners who probably will never read this.

But I have never received a Blue Ribbon, until this week.  I got one for winning "Best in Show" at the local pinhole photography competition sponsored by the Dunham Tavern Museum in Cleveland (see the photo below). 

OK, It wasn't a national contest, or a regional, or a state. And very few people in the area probably even knew about it. At best, there were maybe five entries in the adult category. My biz partner, Al, and I went to see the show on Monday. But the barn housing the show wasn't open and the docent on duty didn't have the key. And it was pouring rain. So we went back this afternoon.

I kind of associate Blue Ribbons with livestock competitions. That's all right with me. I know the endless, thankless hours required to raise a Blue Ribbon steer, or cow, or pig, or chicken.

But it's a resume builder, and I'm doing a Happy Dance.
Pinhole photo of the abandoned U.S. Coast Guard station at the mouth of the Cuyahoga river. This was my entry,