Pinhole and Pixel

I was able to get out last Monday to take some pinhole photos, one of which is my contribution to the 2011 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

It was a very overcast morning, threatening rain, and I only had about an hour to make some photos. I was in Salamanca, N.Y., my hometown, to visit family. I went out Sunday morning to scout locations, but it started to rain, hard, and I had other things to do.

So I went back Monday morning (which happened to be my birthday) and made some photos. The exposures were made with my 4x5 pinhole camera. The subject was the long-abandoned Erie railroad station. Oddly, as I scouted the area a train came by, only about 20 cars, and the engineer blew his horn and waved. Just like when I was a kid.

I made my photos and drew my Canon G9 to take some Reconstructions. That’s what I call them … taking a series of images and then putting them back together.

I know, first I say I love the simplicity of pinhole photos and then follow it up with an image that is made up of more than 70 individual images. Yin/Yang. I’m a complicated guy.

So, here they are, my selected pinhole photo that I uploaded to the WWPPD web site, and my Reconstruction. I hope both will be appreciated, or commented upon, and at best, purchased in the form of a print.

Happy Birthday to me.