Magic doesn't always happen

Last Sunday, April 28, was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. As a semi-avid pinhole photographer I loaded my gear and headed west into unknown territories. I was looking for some place different than the previous five years, which mostly included urban or suburban settings.

So I headed west to some wildlife areas I had never been to, the Sheldon Marsh and Old Woman's Creek Estuary, near Huron, Ohio on the Lake Erie coast to look for photos. It was a rainy, overcast day. But I'll cut to the chase. It was a dud.

I just didn't see photos for my pinhole camera. What I did take was terrible. However, with my growing interest in birding, I wish I had brought some really long glass. But I didn't. Although I did see a Bald Eagle.

So, as I was stumbling along a path at the Sheldon Marsh and and I saw a bunny. It was no bigger than my fist, and it didn't seem to afraid. I took my Nikon P7700 out and made a few images. As it turns out, it was the best the day had to offer.

But I saw a lot of nice territory, met some nice people and saw some new sights. I'll go back.

As they say in Comedy. Timing is everything.