There has been an eyesore of a building that must have offended many who approached Cleveland from the west on the interstate system. Just as you head over the I-90 Cuyahoga River bridge was an eight- or nine-story building, on the left, known to me only as the Cold Storage building.

It’s been vacant for at least ten years, and was only used as a billboard that offered drivers immense advertisements. Probably the only reason the building lasted as long as it did, as I’m sure it was vacant.

So progress deemed that it had to come down to make way for the new multi-lane span over the river.

It’s down now, and because of that, offers drivers and passengers and rather nice view of the Cleveland skyline.

I went over there a few weeks ago to see if there was a photo to be made. This image was made with the pinhole camera sitting atop a chain link fence while I stand on a Jersey barrier. Progress, indeed.