Ansel was right

"The single most important element of a camera," wrote Ansel Adams, "is the twelve inches behind it."


This is probably the most important theme I profess in my photography classes. It's not the car, it's the nut behind the wheel (not my quote).

Unrelated to this blog, just saw this the other day.This week, I have been so busy with the process of making a living from photography, that it's become hard to process what is visually important, to me. I have my first arts festival show coming up this weekend, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Hope to see you there. I have a 10-foot square tent, with mesh walls to hold my work. Easy stuff, but don't Google what happened to the arts festival in Columbus, Ohio last weekend.

In hoping to make this work, I am presenting two styles of images.  My pinhole photographs, and my "Reconstructions." To my dismay, I realized I had been so caught up with personal baggage, that I was down to the wire in getting this show off the ground. Had I really taken that many photos? And I like all of them? Let's frame them all, cost be damned. The masses will see the beauty in my art. Or, not.

But thanks to the totally supportive work of my business partner, Al, and my family, I think I may now actually be able to pull this off.

Now if only I can find a comfortable chair for the weekend, and if it doesn't storm, and I actually sell something.

More later.