Found History

Vintage photography in my personal collection. Prints available.

Cleveland Flats
Six views taken in the Cleveland, OH "Flats" area near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. Several feature the just completed Terminal Tower in the background. Circa 1930. Photographer unknown.

Frank and William Kaehni
The brothers lived in Cleveland, Ohio, born in the late 1890's. They worked together all their lives, having several patents related to radios and electronics, also operating a store that sold radios. To date, it's unknown which of the brothers was the photographer, although I suspect it was Frank, who was three years younger. The photos are remarkable for their clarity and subject matter, working with medium format dry plates. Subjects here include the Edgewater Bath House in Cleveland, home views of their radio equipment in the attic of their home and Case Western University scenes. I believe the photos span 1915 - 1920.

Ludvik Burian
Burians photos are most likely from the 1915-1920 period he spent in New York City, studying for the ministry. An avid photographer, he photographed many street scenes in and around the Jan Hus Presbyterian on East 74th street. It still stands today. As part of his service, he also photographed World War I scenes at the close of the war. For more information and a photo of Mr. Burian, click here.

The Bartholme Family
The extended family of musicians living in or near Union City, PA. The family came to America from France in 1872. When formally organized, the band was known as the "Coleman Band," Coleman being a local merchant. Later, it became the Bartholme Orchestra and existed until the 1930's.  The photos are from 1885 - 1907. Captions are from writing on back in most cases.