With Lincoln. Photo by Al Fuchs.

With Lincoln. Photo by Al Fuchs.

Photography has always been with me. Both my parents were avid hobbyists, documenting every vacation, holiday and family outing. I started taking pictures when I was about ten, with a Kodak Brownie, adding to the family archive. It influenced my decision to pursue an education and career in photojournalism and then to a more traditional studio business. Through it I’ve been able to keep my passion for photography, whether digital or analog.

I have a strong interest in American history, and found that the two often coincide whether in collecting images, restoring old photos or bringing color to black-and-white photographs.

Leaving the literal confines of photojournalism released me to explore new concepts, whether it’s working with a pinhole camera, or photographing a scene in fragments and reassembling them into one photo, or even making pictures with an iPhone.

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